Those who are into cryptocurrency will agree how volatile the market was for the past few years. However, this hasn’t deterred an increasing number of students from pursuing majors in finance and investing. In fact, there has been a surge of new finance majors who have also taken up an interest in cryptocurrencies. This article takes a look at why so many students are studying finance and investing.

Why Finance Majors Love Crypto?

First, many of the finance majors believe that the existing financial system is broken. They believe that cryptocurrency is the next natural step for the financial system.

Second, finance students have witnessed their parents, grandparents, and other older generations struggling to adapt to the rapidly changing technology landscape. Many have come to the conclusion that the younger generation needs to take the lead in driving innovation.

Why Finance Majors will Succeed in Crypto?

Finance majors have the right mindset and skill set to succeed in the cryptocurrency markets.

They are, by and large, extremely logical and analytical people who are used to crunching numbers and making bold predictions based on statistical data. It makes sense that the majority of finance majors are drawn to crypto: it’s a bold new industry that is still in a very early stage and has the potential to change the world.